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May 24 2018

Flight 1 – The most prestigious airline flight number

May 23 2018

Notes on Quy Nhon – the pleasant provincial city by the sea

May 22 2018

Buu Long Pagoda – A beautiful Buddhist temple hidden away in Ho Chi Minh City

May 01 2018

Where I’m At: May, 2018 – Saigon edition

April 24 2018

Castlemaine – the gold-rush era city in the goldfields region of Victoria

April 18 2018

Notes on Melbourne: Things I noticed on my annual visit – 2018 Edition

April 03 2018

Hostel Review: Space Hotel Melbourne – an up-market backpacker hostel / budget boutique hotel

April 01 2018

Where I’m At: April, 2018 – Kuala Lumpur edition

March 27 2018

Train Review: Dhaka to Chittagong

March 21 2018

Notes on Cox’s Bazar – the longest beach in the world

March 15 2018

Exploring the fading colonial remnants of Chittagong

March 08 2018

Notes on Dhaka – the chaotic capital of Bangladesh

March 01 2018

Where I’m At: March, 2018 – Saigon edition

February 05 2018

The lovely lazy river town of Kampot, Cambodia

February 01 2018

Where I’m At: February, 2018 – Chiang Mai edition

January 25 2018

Diamond Island – The fake Paris of Phnom Penh

January 23 2018

Best new banks for travellers, expats, and nomads

January 17 2018

Sihanoukville – The New Macau of Southeast Asia

January 10 2018

Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville by train

January 01 2018

Where I’m At: January, 2018 – Otres Beach edition
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